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Collecting Antiques – Why it’s a good idea!

Collecting antique furniture and home decor has a long past time from WAAY back. I’m sure, if not doing it yourself, you know of people who love to collect quality antique pieces and collectibles. It has many benefits!

  • Restoration – there is nothing more satisfying or rewarding than a DIY project and restoring an antique piece is a great way! Classical pieces were crafted at such high standards and from quality materials, not much compares in production today. It seems only reasonable that these treasures relive a new life again.
  • Passions – nostalgia and memories. Passion gives reason, meaning, and purposeful structure to your life. Having a passion and practicing it in your life gives reason to learn and seek new experiences. Shared passions, fosters social bonds with others with similar interests and something to enjoy together! Join an antique or collecting group. It’s a wonderful way to share this enriching, sustainable, and potentially lucrative hobby.
  • The thrill of the chase! When you get into collecting you learn to value and appreciate this fine art. Then you seek particular pieces which will complete your collection to perfection. 
  • Sentimental – Many people hang on to and cherish pieces passed down through generations. Sentimentality fills the heart and can come from appreciating another person’s love and dedication to collecting pieces for a lifetime! With home trends, downsizing or simply having different tastes there are friends and family members who do not feel the same way and are not interested in inheriting antiques,  rest assured – someone else would LOVE to share the sentimental value. At Donelly’s, we have a huge community of authentic collectors who cherish the lots they find in our auctions.
  • Great for your mind – as you explore the various types of antiques and collectibles you learn so much about history, how things were made, and the styles and different periods where these magical objects came into existence. 

This wonderful pastime consists of acquiring man cave paraphernalia, glassware, bottles, coins or figurines, and more Collectors spend decades or even their lifetime seeking out and collecting their favourite pieces. often quality antique collectible pieces can be picked up for not much but over the years, can increase in value substantially. 

So add some monetary and sentimental value to your life and get into antiquing! 

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